The Chief - Squamish Real Estate Lawyer Near Me

Purchasing a home is for most people the most significant investment of their life. In Squamish where residential real estate prices have recently increased dramatically, the stakes are even higher. Your Squamish real estate agent is going to help you navigate your way through the market and find the best option for your budget, but when it comes to making the deal, you’ll need a Squamish Real Estate Lawyer on your side.

Whether you’re buying a primary residency for you and your family, an investment property or a second home, you’ll need the services of a Squamish Real Estate Lawyer to make sure you are protected financially and legally.

Real Estate Lawyers Save You Money

Selling or buying real estate in Squamish is expensive, and the fees for agents, financing, moving, etc can all add it up and become overwhelming. Paying extra for an experienced Squamish Real Estate Lawyer to properly assess your purchase or sale can seem a little excessive at the time but will save you huge down the line.

Legal contracts are often challenging to read and understand, important clauses and definitions can be easily overlooked by the untrained eye. Professional Real Estate Lawyers in Squamish can help you fully understand the contract you’re negotiating and what clauses may cause issues or cost you money in the future. The right lawyer has reviewed hundreds or even thousands of similar contracts and can give you the proper advice to make sure your deal is legal and in your favour.

Squamish Real Estate Lawyers Protect You

Not all homes are built equal, some owners skip permitting, hire inexperienced contractors or do home renovations or repairs themselves. In recent years, the Squamish contractor market has been stretched thin, reputable companies have month long lead times and have increased their rates to match demand. Many homeowners have turned to cheaper and faster alternatives to get their renovations done and this can be an issue for potential buyers.

Local Real Estate Lawyers Know the Market

Local Real Estate Lawyers, like Tom Docking live in the market they work in and are tuned in to the local trends and politics of the area. They’re able to provide reliable and unbiased information about the subjective aspects of the Squamish Real Estate market which can greatly help the decision making process for people new to the area.

Squamish Real Estate Lawyers structure agreements to protect buyers against potentially costly issues and unforeseen circumstances. You can’t always pick the best homeowner, but you can pick a good Squamish Real Estate Lawyer.

Tom Docking has practiced law for over 30 years and lives in the Sea to Sky corridor.