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Tom Docking offers full real estate legal services for your next Whistler property transaction. With 30 years of Whistler real estate legal experience, you will be assured that your conveyancing and property transfers for your residential or business property will be done accurately and responsibly according to British Columbia and Canadian legal standards.

Tom Docking has been a Whistler real estate lawyer for over 30 years.  His broad experience with BC land property transfers, Whistler commercial transactions, time share transfer properties, mortgage financing, and conveyancing projects offers you a seamless real estate transaction process.

Real Estate Legal Services Include:

Real Estate

  • Residential Transactions
  • Homes, Strata, and Time Shares
  • Mortgages
  • Financing
  • Commercial Transactions
Business Law Services

  • Corporate Practice
  • Incorporations
  • Business Purchases and Sales
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Commercial Transactions

Experts on Conveyancing Whistler Real Estate Properties

To Tom and Adam,

Thanks for doing the conveyancing soooooo smoothly – not a hitch or hiccup to be seen (or heard).

Thanks Guys – you are all the Very Best!


Learn More About Whistler Property Law

Legal terms can be confusing to read and understand. Tom has highlighted the most popular real estate transactions for you to have a clearer understanding of the terms.  View the common legal terms and the general legal processes in BC.  The documents below should offer valuable insight to those of you looking to purchase or buy a property in Whistler. If you have any questions please contact us for more information.

Learn about:

If you are looking for a Whistler property lawyer to fulfill your commercial or residential legal conveyancing needs, please feel free to connect by email with Tom Docking and speak to him now. Call 604.905.5180 about your Whistler conveyancing needs.